Flow Sinks by Glass Impressions

Flow Sinks. Individual creations for creative individuals.

About the Artist

Mark Selleck taught himself to blow small glass pieces while a geology graduate student in 1969. Taking an instant liking to the medium, he soon began shaping more complex solid forms. Twenty-seven years ago he moved his company, Glass Impressions, to a 17-acre property outside of Waxhaw, North Carolina, where he won commissions to make pieces for restaurants, other businesses, and private homeowners

Mark learned early in life that he enjoyed selling things he could make himself. As a teenager, he helped build the pleasure boats his father, a trained marine engineer, designed and built in southeast Florida. But even as a third grader, Mark sold to classmates the small wooden toys he fashioned from scraps in his father’s shop.

"There are so many areas where there is no ‘correct’ way to do something,” Mark says. “People can find ways to create interesting things with an open mind and the freedom to experiment. If you don’t have instruction, and teach yourself, you may find a way to do things that others haven’t thought of.”

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