Flow Sinks by Glass Impressions

Flow Sinks. Individual creations for creative individuals.

Order a Flow Sink

It starts with an ordinary piece of glass. The result is an enchanting piece of useful art for your bathroom.

You are in charge of the details. Use your imagination. You can start with a standard 17" or 21" sink, or dream up other sizes and shapes. It's easier than you think.

"With glass, there's very little that can't be done," says artist Mark Selleck.

Select a variety of additional options: the pattern of colors, a design to be carved into the glass, the surface finish and edge type. Pick a combination that fits your style. Mark will give you a quote and set a delivery time after receiving the required deposit.

Vessel sinks start at $1,200 and $1,275 for the two standard sizes. To get started on your one-of-a-kind creation, e-mail or call Mark at 704-843-4451.

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